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Thursday July 28, 2016
Originally posted on The Intersection, The Hunt Institute Blog, on April 12, 2016. Most high school graduates (66 percent) go to college right after high school. But for all the efforts schools are making nationally to improve the college readiness of their graduates—tougher state standards, curricula, and assessments—many young people still struggle once they start college. Just over half of students entering two-year colleges, and one in five entering four-year colleges, start in remedial courses. The figures are even higher for low-income students. Of these, too few finish the remedial...
Tags: Early College, Dual Enrollment
Wednesday July 27, 2016
Originally posted in WorkforceGPS on July 19, 2016. When you’re focused on the day-to-day of grant implementation it can be difficult to hear what the buzz on the street is about TAACCCT. So hear this! The field is talking, your work is being recognized, and TAACCCT is out there at non-TAACCCT events. As an example, at Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) recent Voices for Opportunity and Economic Mobility Summit, TAACCCT had a strong presence throughout various plenaries and breakout session. The summit brought together close to 650 participants that included state and federal policymakers,...
Tags: Summit
Monday July 25, 2016
Originally posted in Education Week on July 13, 2016. "College and career readiness"--we hear the phrase so often these days that this mantra of education reform can sound mechanical, almost meaningless. So it's high time to revisit what the words mean now that state and local officials are wrestling with questions about how to achieve the goal of preparing every student for college and careers, as they implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Are college and career readiness the same thing? Or are there different sets of skills, competencies, and attributes for each? And as ESSA...
Tags: Deeper Learning, Federal K-12 Policy, Summit, ESSA
Thursday July 21, 2016
Originally posted in Education Week on July 11, 2016. By Bryant Best What if I told you that the land of the American Dream has over 5.5 million job openings that employers are desperate to fill? And what if I told you that young, educated people are hungry to start their careers and their own American Dream, only to find out that they don't have the credentials necessary to begin? Some might say that there is a skills gap. Others might say there is an opportunity gap. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Educators and industry leaders aren't communicating on what needs to be done to...
Tags: Summit
Wednesday July 20, 2016
NatureWORKS initiative team members Mandi Moon and Sara Lamback of Jobs for the Future spoke with Gerald Bright about his role with the Philadelphia Water Department, his background, and his advice for those interested in pursuing careers related to green infrastructure (GI) inspection and maintenance. Bright is the Group Manager of the Green Stormwater Maintenance Group for the Philadelphia Water Department. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he has been in charge of the program since 2012—a few years after its inception and four years after he first started working at the Philadelphia Water...
Tags: Green Skills