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Friday March 6, 2015
Two men working in an IT environment
Stocking shelves, flipping burgers, or looking for work, millions of young Americans are still reeling from the recession. The downturn had a particularly devastating effect on young people of color, youth from low-income backgrounds, and those without a postsecondary plan. We know it may take years of policy debate, along with strategic public and private investments, to substantially reduce youth unemployment and underemployment. But there is one thing we can do right now to help: Expand apprenticeship programs. Congress has the opportunity to approve a commonsense, bipartisan proposal to...
Tags: Federal Workforce Policy, Addressing Employer Needs, Workforce Partnership
Thursday March 5, 2015
By guest
On February 5, Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit that advocates for all youth to gain the skills they need to succeed in the economy, released a paper entitled Civic Education and Deeper Learning by CIRCLE Director Peter Levine and Deputy Director Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg. This paper was funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation as part of its deeper learning initiative. It was discussed at a Harvard Graduate School of Education event: “More than College Readiness: Engaging Students in Work and Civic Life.” The Hewlett deeper learning initiative envisions K-12 students “using...
Tags: Deeper Learning, Student-Centered Learning
Wednesday March 4, 2015
Woman in hard hat
This blog was originally posted on Walmart's blog.  No matter where we are in the workforce, there’s one thing we all have in common: Everyone started somewhere. On the other hand, the factors that influence where we’re able to go next are countless. Skills and certifications rank toward the top when it comes to advancement. But in retail, the opportunity for gaining those can often be unclear. The transportation, distribution and logistics (TDL) industry is a long overlooked, but increasingly critical piece of the retail sector – and the nation’s economic recovery. The U.S. Department of...
Tags: Career Pathways