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Tuesday December 9, 2014
By guest
Boy studying with partner
By Eric Toshalis for Students at the Center Have you ever sat through a difficult or dry lesson and were told by your teacher when you began to struggle that if you simply tried harder, you would succeed? If so, didn’t it sound like your teacher was saying, “If you just banged your head harder against this brick wall, you could break through!” You likely realized then what researchers have known for decades: that simply isn’t true. While effort is important when attempting work of any kind, perseverance in school is frequently depicted as a quality either a kid has or doesn’t have, as if the...
Tags: Student-Centered Learning, Competency Education
Thursday December 4, 2014
By guest
By Stephanie Krauss for Students at the Center My youngest brother’s senior year of high school—in a public school in New Jersey—was also my first year running a competency-based high school for over-age and under-credited youth in St. Louis. It is hard to describe just how different his experience was compared to my students’. My brother attended one of the best public high schools in a state known for its high marks in public education and student achievement. In his final year of high school, he took a handful of Advanced Placement courses, served as student body president, played drums...
Tags: Student-Centered Learning, Competency Education
Wednesday December 3, 2014
This post first appeared on Completion by Design's blog on November 20, 2014. Completion by Design is a five-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation signature initiative that works with community colleges to significantly increase completion and graduation rates for low-income students under 26. In my travels around the country, I often hear about the importance of policy. By policy, however, most of the time people are referring to “Big P” policy—laws on the books that mandate action in one direction, or appropriations that direct public funding. Legislative mandates, such as Connecticut’s...
Tags: Career Pathways