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Tuesday October 30, 2012
In Sara Mosle’s Oct. 27 piece in The New York Times’ Opinionator column, Teaching Lessons, she writes: “Teachers can’t go it alone. They need sustained training and support using empirically tested methods in concert and collaboration with one another. This is how schools succeed.” This simple declaration is not only powerful, but true. There are a number of factors that enable a professional development (PD) experience of real value for educators—Ms. Mosle gets to the heart of the matter in writing about the difference she experienced when she went to a school that “took PD seriously.” Like...
Tags: Student-Centered Learning
Friday October 19, 2012
Joel Vargas and I recently finished a research study where we found that Texas high school students who take college courses through dual enrollment are a lot more likely to attend college and receive a college degree. There are a few other studies of dual enrollment from other states that support what we found, but our study is different and exciting in a number of ways. For one, we had the luxury of tracking high school students all the way to the point of graduating college. A lot of educational programs focus on shorter-term outcomes like college enrollment. College graduation has been...
Tags: Dual Enrollment, Early College, State-Local K-12 Policy
Wednesday October 17, 2012
Why are discussions of postsecondary transitions so absent in edtech conversations? This is the question I found myself wondering about at the Wireless EdTech Conference last week in Washington, DC. I took part in some fantastic conversations about assessments, infrastructure, and how educational technologies can support learning outcomes. But I left the conference thinking: Where are the postsecondary partners? Why wasn’t there even a discussion on how to develop postsecondary partnerships? Shouldn’t we be hearing from postsecondary institutions about their thoughts on the preparedness of...
Tags: Blended Learning, Dual Enrollment
Tuesday October 9, 2012
Shifting Roles Enable Student-centered Learning
On Friday, October 5, I participated virtually in the Education Week-sponsored meeting, Ed Tech 2013: Powering Up Success. As I’m based in Boston and the event took place in Detroit, I was happy to have a low-cost way to participate. The conference proved to be engaging and informative. The agenda was packed with experts; but more importantly, it featured practitioner leaders from the field speaking candidly about the benefits and challenges of transitioning districts from a face-to-face to a blended-school model. A few school leaders shared the notion that schools need to leverage student...
Tags: Blended Learning, Student-Centered Learning
Wednesday October 3, 2012
“I’ll be the first one attending college from my family. My brothers look up to me and they want to do what I do. Now that I’m attending college, they want to go to college and it makes me happy that they want to because of me.” —Rosa Mendoza, graduate, LA Conservation Corps; college student, Los Angeles Technical College “I want to succeed, I want to exceed—that’s why I want to go to college.” —Daniel Hurtado, student, Coalition for Responsible Community Development Dozens of people gathered at Los Angeles Trade Technical College on Tuesday, September 25, to celebrate programs implementing...
Tags: Dropout Recovery, Opportunity Youth