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We organize our work into three areas to help low-income youth & adults:


Wednesday September 12, 2012
Adult Literacy: Making the Connection
This week is National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. JFF applauds its organizer, the National Coalition for Literacy, for drawing the connection between adult literacy and economic stability. We too are committed to helping adults gain the education they need to achieve financial independence and support their families and are staunch advocates at the state and federal level for investing in programs and policies that promote adult literacy. For many low-skilled adults, literacy training is most effective when it is made relevant to their needs and interests. Through a variety of...
Tags: Adult Basic Education, Career Pathways, Credentials, Literacy
Thursday September 6, 2012
By guest
As a participant in this year’s Black Male Summit at the U.S. Department of Education, I was impressed by the wide range of perspectives offered to structure and protect equitable academic and social pathways for African-American males in the United States. I was also impressed by the tone of the conversation. The focus on African-American males moved beyond the ongoing crisis narrative to solutions. The young males who participated in the conference brought truth-to-power as they reflected on their educational experiences and the voicelessness and invisibility they experience in schools and...
Tags: Literacy
Tuesday September 4, 2012
By guest
Right now, across this country, teachers are prepping their classrooms, uploading and scanning their rosters, revising their unit and lesson plans to meet the needs of their states, their districts, and their many students, and motivating themselves for the challenging and rewarding work of teaching in the 21st century. Like a surfer about to drop into a big wave, this is a time of expectation and excitement. For many parents, however, it’s a time of relief. Since June, kids have been on furlough from the classroom, which translates into drastically increased parenting responsibilities....
Tags: Student-Centered Learning