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Friday September 9, 2016
By guest
By Robert Goo, environmental protection specialist, Office of Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency This blog is part of a series, created through Jobs for the Future’s NatureWORKS project which is funded by the U.S. Forest Service and the Kresge Foundation. Please visit our NatureWORKS website to learn more about this project, and email to join our mailing list. Cities around the U.S. are now utilizing green infrastructure and low-impact development (GI*) approaches to enhance their communities and more effectively manage their water resources. Green infrastructure and...
Tags: Green Skills
Thursday September 8, 2016
Originally posted on Completion By Design's blog on September 7, 2016. The completion agenda has been effective in shifting the national conversation on postsecondary attainment from access to completion, as reflected in the measurable completion goals set to be achieved by Lumina Foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Obama Administration, and numerous states. This is tremendous progress, but for low-income Americans who seek postsecondary credentials to secure employment and advance in our economy, it is not enough to simply complete. Several recent studies from the...
Tags: Credentials, Labor Market Information, Federal Higher Education Policy, Developmental Education
Friday August 12, 2016
By guest
Employment Services desk; Getty image
Originally appeared in The Hill on Aug. 4, 2016. By Joseph Fuller and Matthew Sigelman Everyone loves to hate Wall Street. This is especially true in a contentious election year, when the anti-business rhetoric runs shrill and genuine fears abound about the growing inequality in America. JP Morgan Chase’s recent announcement on “why we’re giving our employees a raise” instantly drew brickbats because the tone and timing could not be worse. It came on the same day that the Financial Times front page carried a story on how pay for big bank chief executives jumped nearly 8%—with Jamie Dimon...
Tags: Summit, Economic Mobility
Wednesday August 3, 2016
This blog was authored by JFF's former CEO Marlene B. Seltzer. Like so many people across the country, I am saddened and enraged by the recent brutal violence and mass murders that have left our nation torn and deeply divided along race and class lines. From Orlando, Baton Rouge, and the Minneapolis area, to Dallas and Fort Myers, acts of violence, motivated by fear and hatred raise the question: How can the greatest democracy in the world possibly tolerate such injustice and what can we do, individually and collectively, to change the course of what will be a very ugly chapter in our...
Wednesday July 20, 2016
NatureWORKS initiative team members Mandi Moon and Sara Lamback of Jobs for the Future spoke with Gerald Bright about his role with the Philadelphia Water Department, his background, and his advice for those interested in pursuing careers related to green infrastructure (GI) inspection and maintenance. Bright is the Group Manager of the Green Stormwater Maintenance Group for the Philadelphia Water Department. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he has been in charge of the program since 2012—a few years after its inception and four years after he first started working at the Philadelphia Water...
Tags: Green Skills