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12 Must-Reads on Economic Mobility and Opportunity

Economic mobility and opportunity are hot topics, with articles, news stories, and reports appearing all the time. To help you prepare for JFF’s upcoming National Summit on Economic Mobility we have put together a short list of some of the best recent writing on the subject. 

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What Does It Take to Get Kids Out of Poverty? 

1. Why supports are essential to helping low-income kids reach their aspirational careers. (Chronicle of Higher Education subscription required)

2. In Forbes, Scott Winship offers “a conservative opportunity agenda” for reducing childhood poverty

Cutting-Edge Scholarship

3. If you have time to read just one book, consider this one by Harvard’s Richard Murnane and UC Irvine’s Greg Duncan, who make the case that education can improve economic opportunity and mobility. No time to read the book? Here’s the infographic.

Historical Trends 

4. The New York Times writes on the shrinking American middle class. Here's the story in graphics

How the slowdown affects different age groups. 
Source: The New York Times

Intergenerational Economic Mobility 

5. Pew announces its report on the long-lasting impact of parental incomeRead the full report

Technology & Economic Mobility

6. Gaps in both access to and participation in technology persist, with significant impact on educational outcomes. This resource features videos on digital equity as well.

Geography & Economic Mobility

7. A new study overturns the findings of the landmark Moving to Opportunity study and demonstrates that moving to better neighborhoods has significant impact on outcomes.

Source: The New York Times

8. Recent research extends the analysis to families that were forced to move when public housing was demolished and raises far-reaching questions about how effective public housing policy.


Equity and equality are not the same thing

Source: Interaction Institute

9. Inequality and economic immobility are also not the same thing

10. The Chronicle of Higher Education asks: does college itself reinforce inequality? (Chronicle subscription required)

Funding & Foundations 

11. Why equity should matter to funders.

12. Foundations are focusing on big issues, including equity.