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Thursday July 21, 2016
By guest
Originally posted in Education Week on July 11, 2016. By Bryant Best What if I told you that the land of the American Dream has over 5.5 million job openings that employers are desperate to fill? And what if I told you that young, educated people are hungry to start their careers and their own American Dream, only to find out that they don't have the credentials necessary to begin? Some might say that there is a skills gap. Others might say there is an opportunity gap. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Educators and industry leaders aren't communicating on what needs to be done to...
Tags: Summit
Wednesday July 20, 2016
NatureWORKS initiative team members Mandi Moon and Sara Lamback of Jobs for the Future spoke with Gerald Bright about his role with the Philadelphia Water Department, his background, and his advice for those interested in pursuing careers related to green infrastructure (GI) inspection and maintenance. Bright is the Group Manager of the Green Stormwater Maintenance Group for the Philadelphia Water Department. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he has been in charge of the program since 2012—a few years after its inception and four years after he first started working at the Philadelphia Water...
Tags: Green Skills
Monday July 18, 2016
(And Why Experts Are Serious When They Say That) When reviewing the news and reports related to preparing students for their place in America’s workforce, you can be sure there will be a crisis-laden reference to the “skills gap” and the urgent call for educators to close it. Sometimes this gap refers to an absence of technical skills employers want in new entrants, or sometimes to workers’ lack of knowledge important to their industry. But, most often, it refers to the absence of the skills that help people navigate the workplace itself. Known by many names including—employability skills,...
Tags: Employer Engagement, Addressing Employer Needs, Work-Based Learning
Wednesday July 13, 2016
Competency-based education
Traditional higher education is increasingly insufficient for many adults seeking workforce success and economic mobility, especially for students whose skills are not yet college ready. It has become critical for learners, postsecondary institutions, and employers to explore new options. Competency-based education (CBE) holds significant promise in closing the gap between the skills adults have and the abilities they need to thrive in today’s economy. Yet, despite the rapid growth of CBE across the country, millions of adult learners are unable to take advantage of these new approaches,...
Tags: Competency Education
Tuesday July 12, 2016
Critical Findings of the Accelerating Opportunity Initiative Jobs for the Future’s Accelerating Opportunity (AO) initiative was launched over four years ago, with the goal of helping the nation’s large numbers of adults with low basic skills earn higher-wage jobs faster by combining the Adult Basic Education (ABE) and career and technical training they need into one integrated program. The numbers speak for themselves: in the first three years of the initiative, 8,287 students enrolled in AO pathways across 54 colleges in four of our participating states: Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, and...
Tags: Career Pathways, Credentials, Career and Technical Education, Adult Basic Education