Virtual Tote Bag: Session Takeaways

Session takeaways will be posted as they become available. Session resources have also been posted in the summit app, which you can access by searching "JFF Summit" in your phone's app store, or by going to


Plenary Takeaways

Identifying the Barriers to Economic Mobility

Mission Possible

  • Juan Salgado

Super Sessions Round 1

I. Economic Mobility for Boys and Men of Color: Improving College and Career Outcomes

  • Arnold Chandler

II. Scale and Innovation in an Evidence-Based World

  • Bob Giloth
  • Michele McLaughlin
  • Heath Prince
  • Vivian Tseng

III. The Future of Work

  • Barbara Dyer
  • Tod Loofbourrow
  • Sophia Zaman

IV. Supporting Adult Students Through the Community College Experience

  • Diane Bosak
  • Stephen Head
  • James Jacobs
  • Scott Ralls

V. Advancing Equity in the ESSA Era

  • David Conley
  • Terry Holliday
  • Anne Stanton

Breakout Sessions Round 2

I. How Employers Can Catalyze Community College and Student Success

  • Ann Beheler
  • Kirk Blankenship
  • Johanna Duncan-Poitier
  • Chad Stocks

II. Sleuthing and Hacking: Building Cybersecurity Pathways in High School

  • Rich Duncan
  • Paul Jornet
  • Nicole Simon

III. Advancing Health Care Careers, Improving Business Impact

  • Elisheba Haqq-Stevens
  • Debbi Perkul

IV. Not Business as Usual: From Corporate Social Responsibility to Social Impact Investing

  • Merlin Clarke
  • Kara Peck

V. Strengthening the Financial Stability of Community College Students

  • Priyadarshini Chaplot
  • Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield

VI. Opportunity and Economic Mobility: Perspectives From Young Leaders

  • Jamiel Alexander
  • Ryan Dalton
  • Francisco "Enuf" Garcia
  • Shawnice N. Jackson
  • Kimberly Pham
  • Adam Strong
  • Philan Tree

VII. Working From an Evidence Base in the Real World

  • Plinio Ayala
  • Frieda Molina
  • Alexandra Pennington

VIII. Connecting Credentials to Promote Educational Opportunity and Economic Mobility

  • Larry Good
  • Stephanie Krauss

IX. Place Matters: Strategies for Changing the Place to Improve Mobility

  • David Eichenthal
  • Patrick Jordan
  • Sarita Turner
  • Richard Walker

X. Tax Policy: Untapped Opportunities to Increase Economic Mobility

  • Alexandra Bastien
  • Rachel West

XI. Developing and Maximizing Employer Engagement Strategies 
(sponsored by JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

  • Peter Beard
  • Stephen Dackin
  • Marjorie Parker

XII. A Bachelor's Degree Engine in El Paso: How Texas Early College Policies Serve the Young People of El Paso

  • John Fitzpatrick
  • Ivette Savina

Keynote: A Lens on Economic Mobility

  • Roxana Moussavian

Mission Possible: Rationale for Making Career Readiness the Top Priority of American Education

Voices From New Orleans

  • Ashleigh Gardere
  • Nicole Jolly
  • Stewart Young



Plenary Takeaways

Keynote: The Dignity and the Power of Work

  • Nick Pinchuk

Mission Possible: Creating Pathways to Well-Paying Tech Jobs Through Tech-Hire

  • Tess Posner

Breakout Sessions Round 3

I. Getting to Work: Addressing Transportation Challenges

  • Mary Freeman

II. Fulfilling the Promise of "All Means All" in School Districts

  • Daniel King
  • Berta Pena
  • Joel Vargas
  • Antwan Wilson

III. Rewiring the Sorting Machine: From Trackign to College and Career Pathways

  • Paul Granillo
  • Javier Romero
  • John Snavely
  • Gary Yee

IV. Bridging the Gap: Policy Approaches for Equity in Postsecondary Access and Success

  • Lande Ajose
  • Priyadarshini Chaplot
  • David Dodson
  • Rachel McDonnell

V. High-Quality IT Pathways for Workers of All Ages

  • Eric Berngen
  • Gretchen Koch
  • Gabriel Velez
  • Tonya Wagner

VI. New Orleans: Creating Neighborhoods of Opportunity

  • Michelle Whetten

VII. Dispelling the Myths of Apprenticeship

  • Stuart Bass
  • Dan Marschall
  • Andrea Messing-Mathie
  • Representative from the U.S. Department of Labor

Read more about the IMT Apprenticeship

VIII. Braided Funding: Weaving Funding Streams to Sustain and Scale

  • Marjorie Cohen
  • Shauna King-Simms

IX. From Disconnection to Opportunity: Community-Based Organization/Community College Partnerships for Opportunity Youth

  • Amy Barad
  • Mark Culliton
  • Kedan Harris
  • Alex B. Johnson
  • Hector Rivera

X. Innovation in Action: Integrating Sector Strategies and Career Pathways

  • Mary Clagett
  • Ron Painter
  • Marlena Sessions
  • Randy Tillery

XI. Supporting Women’s Economic Mobility
(sponsored by JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

  • Ariane Hegewisch
  • Julie Kuklinski
  • Mark Scott
  • Lauren Sugerman

Narrowing the Wage Gap by Improving Women’s Access to Good Middle-Skill Jobs

XII. The Green Jobs Movement: Lessons Learned

  • Matthew Garcia
  • Julian Keniry

XIII. Employability Skills: Critical for Student, Educator, and Employer Success

  • Ryan Hitchens
  • Nicole Jolly
  • Cate Swinburn

XIV. New Financing Strategies: Pay for Success

  • Stuart Andreason
  • Caitlin Reimers Brumme
  • Celeste Richie

Keynote: It’s Never too Late to Change a Future

  • Lisa Marsh Ryerson

Breakout Sessions Round 4

I. Unique Employer Investments in Youth Career Pathways: SAP and The Wonderful Company

  • Rebecca Farley
  • Erin LaBarge

II. Upskilling for Economic Mobility

  • Jaime Fall
  • Kimo Kippen
  • Marianne Merola
  • Brian Poland

Career Online High School

III. State Strategies for Scaling Career Pathways

  • Danielle Mezera
  • Luke Rhine

IV. Prioritizing Public Housing Hires

V. Improving Education and Career Outcomes for Foster and Former Foster Youth

  • Elise Cutini
  • Jason Feldhaus
  • Sarah Riffel

VI. Expanding Equity in Work-Based Learning

  • Rhandi Berth
  • Nick Hansen
  • Sue Thompson

VII. Unpacking WIOA and ESSA: New Opportunities to Boost Economic Mobility and Equity

  • Lexi Barrett
  • Mary Clagett
  • Josh Copus
  • Michele McLaughlin

VIII. Assessments to Support Deeper Learning

  • Gary Chapin
  • Shannon King
  • Melissa Thomas

IX. Building Skills, Improving Jobs

  • Hannah Halbert
  • Missy Hopson Sparks
  • Palak Shah

X. Removing Roadblocks to Merge Workforce and Economic Development

  • Sarah Miller

XI. Supporting Second Chances: Innovative Strategies for Employing Formerly Incarcerated Workers

  • Sam Schaeffer
  • Tonya van Tol

Read more about supporting second chances.

XII. If You Can Do the Job, You Should Get the Job: A More Inclusive Economy Through Competency-Based Hiring
(sponsored by JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

  • Patrick Callihan
  • Robin Fernkas
  • Jennifer McDermott
  • Tess Posner

XIII. More Than Meets the Eye: Minimum Wage Increases, Low-Income Status, and Economic Mobility

  • Nick Schultz
  • Marlena Sessions
  • Rachel West

XIV. Delivering on the Upskiling Promise

  • Frank Britt
  • Kent Fuka
  • Adrian Ridner
  • Ronald Stefanski

Closing Plenary: Voices for the Future

  • Christopher Cabaldon
  • Mariko Lockhart
  • Mary Alice McCarthy
  • Ron Painter
  • Nisha Patel
  • Scott Ralls